Results of Apostolic Blessing

In the New Testament every Apostolic Epistle starts with an Apostolic Blessing or greeting: ‘Grace & Peace to you!’ The reason why the Apostles did that was because they pronounced the Aaronic Blessing on believers! They knew what they were doing and the people understood it too. It is not just a lame religious exercise, but it is a powerful blessing for those who believe!

Truths to Make Christ Preeminent

Because we are forgiven and risen with Christ we put off the old man of sin & selfish living and put on the new man that is made in the image of Christ Jesus (Col 3:5-17) and it has a positive, holy influence on all our relations (Col 3:18-25) We are a new species of being in Christ. We learn to make Him pre-eminent in everything we do or say and He takes care of so many things we think we have to take care of. We cast our cares on Him for He cares for us.

The Creative Word

If you can believe that Jesus, the Word of God came and lived among us and became flesh, then gave his life for us on the cross, and was raised from the dead, you can behold his glory in your life today.

That same divine life and light can enter your life, your dormant gifts and talents, your circle of influence and start creating a new world for you to live in. When you get to know the Word of God as a Person, life completely changes for you and every day you start releasing its creative power into every aspect of your life.

Sent Ones

Sent ones are necessary to stir up the Body of Christ to good works, to empower them with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to live out the purpose of the Church, setting an example to the community of citizens full of goodness, faith and the Holy Spirit. Sent ones are not scared to hunt down those with potential and bring them into the fold where they are accepted and can develop their gifts to grow the church.