The Lamb & the Lion

The lamb & the lion lie together in our spirits, because Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy about the future world in which righteousness reigns in His Kingdom! We have that Kingdom within us. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us that Kingdom. So we have the lion nature to be bold when we have to and the lamb nature that makes us submit to the will of God for our lives, within us!

Return to Innocence

Part of the New Covenant miracle of the new creation in Christ, is a return to innocence. When someone Apostle Paul speaks of his former life he actually says: “I have harmed no one nor coveted anyone’s goods.” Has he forgotten his persecution of the Christians and the stoning of Stephen the first Christian Martyr where he stood looking after the clothes of those hurling rocks?It is an amazing quality of the blood of Jesus that presses a refresh button that resets our inner DNA to be born again into a new being that is aware of the past life, but not defined by it.

The Confident Rejoicing of Hope

If we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end…confidence has a lot to do with what your hope is based on. Rejoicing too. Hope is in your spirit. It is the light of your soul. Faith keeps that flame alive. Let hope arise in your soul today. It is a spiritual substance. Faith looks to hope to produce new evidence of the life of Christ in you. Faith lights the candle of hope in your soul.