Living Communion

I in contradistinction to anyone else, am the vine, the genuine vine, and my Father is the tiller of the soil.
Every branch in me not bearing fruit He takes away. And every branch bearing fruit, He cleanses it in order that it may keep on bearing more fruit. As for you, already you are cleansed ones because of the word which I have spoken to you. Maintain a living communion with me, and I with you. Just as the branch is unable to be bearing fruit from itself as a source unless it remains in a living union with the vine, so neither you, unless you maintain a living common with me.

Complete the Building

Nehemiah’s prayerful obedience to the Word of the Lord and his skillful leadership together with Ezra’s spiritual uplifting of the people, finished the building! Nehemiah constantly prayed that God would strengthen their hands and that God would remember them for good, for the work they did for Him. May God remember all the people who will help us, in one way or another, to finish the building of our Church. May God strengthen our hands today and stir up our hearts to complete the building of the Church. I decree that today! May those who despise or ignore the work that we are doing, be forgotten.

The Form of God

God is a Spirit and has to be worshipped in spirit and truth. He showed us what He is like by sending Jesus in the form of a man. Jesus left the splendor of heaven to take on an earthly form so that He could understand us and also give His life as a ransom for all our sins. The life of Jesus illustrates the form of God to us. Godliness is Godlikeness. We grow in Godliness as Christ is formed within us.

Revelations of Righteousness

Break through into the realm of faith where you actually believe you are right with God, by faith in Christ Jesus. You can approach the throne of grace boldly, you can enter the new and living way through the veil, which is His body (the Church today). The forces of heaven are behind you, Satan’s plans against you are already defeated. You are a conqueror in this life through Christ. You are an overcomer in this life. You are justified through faith. Confess these things to appropriate them. You break sin through righteousness. You enjoy the promises of God through righteousness. Righteousness is a gift given to those who believe in Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:17) You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (II Corinthians 5:21)

Godly Influence

I once asked God why he did not bless us with more money, when my parents were in missions and going through a hard time, often selling possession to fund the next mission and pay the bills. As a family we have sold everything we possess several times now to fund the work we do for God. And we continually sacrifice and give because the cause is holy. I got a simple word in my heart that settled it for me, and that aligned my heart to do it all again: “I have given you influence.”


Imagine you knew a place with the perfect climate, where you had all your bills paid, where everything belonged to your Father, where you had perfect peace, joy in believing and right standing. That is what we have in Christ, and that is what the devil lost. He hates it when you do well. He hates it more when he throws everything he has against you and you still believe in God, like Job. When we rejoice in our sufferings it delivers a knockout punch in the spirit.


After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the first time in the early church, we see 3000 souls repent and become converted to the Way of Jesus Christ. Those who gladly received the word were all baptized and 3000 souls were added to the church. It is not enough to visit a church and say Amen. There needs to be a baptism into Christ and into His Body of Believers called a church. The burial of the old self is essential and precludes the addition to a church of any soul.

So what was next?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

You receive the Holy Spirit when you are born again. Salvation can’t happen without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit actually came and revived your spirit – born again. So that is why this verse speaks of the Holy Spirit coming forth as a mighty stream from the inside. It’s time for God not only to come into your house, but also to take control of it.

Apostolic Perspectives on Outreach

How heaven and earth rejoiced when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Every time a seed of faith that is preached is received in a heart and it births a believer, it is the same joy released as at the beginning of creation when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy!
Be encouraged to faithfully present your argument and standpoint of faith, using whatever vacuum exists in your personal aeropaus court of public opinion.

Restoring the Church

We shall be built! God will raise up our waste places. What areas in your life have been laid waste? Allow the Lord to restore that today in Jesus name.
What oceans do you face ahead? Let God blast it with a breath of His nostrils!
What enemies are pursuing you? Let God blow with his wind and let the sea cover them now.
What anointing do you have to build God’s kingdom? Make sure you rise up in your spirit like Cyrus and start fulfilling your prophecies instead of waiting for things to happen one day in the sweet by and by – or ‘now-now’ like South Africans like to say.
With God it is not ‘now-now’ but faith is now!

Run the Race With Patience

Here are a few guidelines for practical Christian living with patience. The Christian life demands discipline and yet promises the liberty of the sons of God. It seems like a paradox at first, but it really shows perfect patience or balance. The comparison with an athlete in a race gives us certain guidelines for practical Christian living.

The Lamb & the Lion

The lamb & the lion lie together in our spirits, because Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy about the future world in which righteousness reigns in His Kingdom! We have that Kingdom within us. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us that Kingdom. So we have the lion nature to be bold when we have to and the lamb nature that makes us submit to the will of God for our lives, within us!

Return to Innocence

Part of the New Covenant miracle of the new creation in Christ, is a return to innocence. When someone Apostle Paul speaks of his former life he actually says: “I have harmed no one nor coveted anyone’s goods.” Has he forgotten his persecution of the Christians and the stoning of Stephen the first Christian Martyr where he stood looking after the clothes of those hurling rocks?It is an amazing quality of the blood of Jesus that presses a refresh button that resets our inner DNA to be born again into a new being that is aware of the past life, but not defined by it.